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Nintendo: 1980’s game box

The Nintendo fans had always been waiting for the next release of the Nintendo game box. As per their expectations Nintendo has released new classic version of the game box. The latest version is very compact and weighs very less. The device is in a similar size to that of an apple tv and its dimensions are 5”X4”X1.75”.

Huge Character Changes in Overwatch’s New Test Patch

Blizzard is always making ways to improve their games. Before they implement anything drastic, they want the public to test it out before they release it. This is to iron out any issues that may arise during the testing phase.

There is a new Overwatch test patch that was released and with it brings some welcome (or not welcome) changes to three of its characters: Genji, Mei, and Mercy.

Let’s start off with the cute inventor, Mei. One of the major quirks about Mei in the past is that her alternate fire doesn’t pierce through barriers (like Reinhardt’s shield or Zarya’s Barrier). Oftentimes, people bitch about this because Mei is a bit squishy and that her attacks are less threatening than others.

To address this issue, this patch brings with it a whole new mechanic for Mei’s alternate fire. Now, Mei’s right-click attack will pierce through enemy shields but its damage will probably get nerfed a little bit to compensate.

Furthermore, Mei’s ultimate ability also got a slight nerf. Blizzard and the players feel that Mei’s ultimate is kind of inconsistent. So, what Blizz did was they increased the effective radius of her ultimate ability by an additional 2 meters.

In other words, Mei’s Ultimate ability will now cover more ground and it can really help turn the tide of battle.

The next big change is coming to Mercy. Mercy, albeit a great single-player healer, is a bit vulnerable. In order for her to quickly heal her teammates and get out of the line of fire almost immediately, her healing beam’s power has been increased by an effective 20%. This is to ensure that Mercy is solidified as the best single target healer.

Now, with regards to her ultimate ability, it got a buff as well. Back in the day, when Mercy uses her Resurrect ability, it will take about 3 seconds for her teammates to be able to move.

This actually defeats the purpose of her ult as enemies can just rain them again with heavy fire.

Because of this, Mercy’s resurrected allies will now be able to move about 2.25 seconds after Mercy has cast the ability. This is to ensure that her teammates will survive and that Mercy can use her healing ability when needed as soon as possible.

But probably the biggest character change is for Genji. Genji, as he currently stands, is quite OP, especially when he is used by a skilled player.

You see, Genji is probably the most agile player in the game. He can wall climb, he can double jump, and he can dash at you while dealing damage.

In the new test patch, Genji’s double jump will no longer reset when doing some wall climbs. Furthermore, Genji’s dash ability will no longer bypass any traps and it doesn’t destroy them when the player targets them using the ability.

And lastly, Genji’s Dragon Blade ultimate uptime will be reduced from 8 to 6 seconds. According to the developers, it was just too hard to counter Genji once he busts out his sword to slice enemies up.

Do note that this changes can be tweaked at any time before it gets released to the general public. That means, everything I mentioned above is subject to change at any time.

So, what do you think about the character changes, especially pertaining to Genji’s nerfs?

Overwatch is available for the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 game consoles.

The truth about the HCG diet drops

Does hCG Work?

Sometimes, something can seem to good to be true. This sadly, is usually the case. Whether it is an excellent deal on a summer home, or a service that should be much more then advertised, there always seems to be strings attached. When it comes to your health and weight loss, this can become a big challenge. Sifting through all the misinformation and double talk to find something that can aid your dieting is a challenge to say the least. That is why we have selected hCG and are providing a comprehensive look at whether or not it works, based on what people are saying. With any luck, we will get to the bottom of this so that you are more informed.
What Do Professionals Have to Say About It?

There are a number of professionals who speak quite positively of hCG, and it’s dietary health effects. These include Dr. Oz, the noted TV personality responsible for reviewing countless dietary suppliments and rendering a verdict. In addition, the original creator, Dr. Simoens is a big proponent of its continued use through the 500-calorie hCG diet. Finally, Kevin Trudeau, responsible for books like “10 cures they don’t want you to know about.” Has frequently spoken about the positive effects of hCG from on people.
What Does the Government Have to Say About it?

Like almost every single weight loss supplement in existence, the government is not happy with it. The FDA does not see any benefits for hCG in terms of weight loss. Instead it sees it as being beneficial as a pregnancy aid and menstrual cycle regulator. The FDA does not like the marketing of hCQ related dietary products, as it does not meet their standards.
What do Former Customers Have to Say About It?

Check online, and you can find any number of reviews made by people interested in seeing if hCG works. Despite what the government has said, many of these people have reported benefits from the 500-calorie hCG injection diet. As a supplement, it has helped thousands of people shed the extra weight and stay healthy. From Youtube, forums, and testimonial websites, hCG is doing a good job of advertising its success through so many happy consumers.

If you are interested in using hCG as a weight loss supplement, then there are many other websites online to check out for additional information. Until then, good luck staying healthy!